Special Conditions of Entry For Virtual Running Events

Special Conditions of Entry For Virtual Running Events

This page sets out the special conditions of entry for the virtual running event announced by BSI Sport Kft., as a service provider (hereinafter: Service Provider), on the runinbudapest.com website (hereinafter: Website).

These conditions of entry supplement the General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter GTC) of the Service Provider, together with which they form a contract between the parties.

The terms written in this contract are governed by the provisions laid down in the GTC of the Service Provider.

1.       Completing a race at the virtual running event

The distance can be completed by the Customer anywhere, there is no on-site restriction introduced by the Service Provider.

The Customer can complete the distance at any time between a start time and end time determined by the Service Provider, regardless of the day and time of day.

The Customer must upload the proof of completion and the race time on the results submission interface available on the Website after completion, which can be done in the following ways:

  • by providing a public GPS activity link (e.g. Strava, Endomondo),
  • by uploading a photo that indicates the required data of completion (distance and race time).

The photo can be taken, for example, of the display of the Customer’s phone with the data of the training application, the display of the smartwatch, the display of the treadmill. What is important, is that the completed distance and the race time must be clearly visible on it.

The Service Provider publishes neither the GPS activity link nor the photo, it is only necessary for control.

The Service Provider compiles the result list based on the uploaded results, from which the Customer can download or share his / her certificate of completion on Facebook.

The Service Provider mails the gift to the Customer’s address – given during registration – after the virtual running event to

2.       Liability of the Service Provider

Within the framework of organizing the virtual running event, the Service Provider is responsible for:

  • ensure the availability of the Website,
  • make the services available on the Website according to the best professional knowledge,
  • mail the gift(s) to the Customer’s address – given during registration – after the virtual running event
  • publish the results list.

The Service Provider is not liable for:

  • the Customer’s failure to participate in the event
  • the health condition of the Customer before, during or after the event,
  • for the data uploaded by the Customer,
  • for the malfunction of the Internet browser used by the Customer,
  • the Customer not being able to access the Website due to an error on the part of the internet service provider,
  • the Customer not using the Website properly for its intended purpose,
  • meeting the prior expectations of the Customer

The Service Provider does not provide the Customer with health insurance and medical supervision during the virtual running event.

3.       The Customers’ liability

The Customer acknowledges and agrees by registering that he/she participates in the virtual running event at his/her own risk.

By registering, the Customer declares that she/he is in good physical and health condition.

The Customer shall not make any insurance claim or claim against the Service Provider in the event of damage or loss (injury, being forced to cancel the running, etc.) or in the event of failure to participate in the event.

The Customer regularly checks and inspects his/her health condition and declares that he/she is not aware of any illness that prevents him/her from participating in the virtual running event.

The Customer acknowledges that the Service Provider shall not be liable for any problems arising from the incomplete or inaccurate completion of the result upload page (eg and have an incorrect result or a result not included in the results list, due to this etc.).

The Customer accepts the conditions of registration and participation, and the policy of cancellation in the GTC of the Service Provider, and declares to have read and understood the event information.

The Customer agrees to and complies with the government decree 71/2020 (III.27.) on restricting movement, and 170/2020 (IV.30) on the Sports Events and Sports Training.

4.       Other information

In case of questions about the event or of its organization, the Customer should contact the Service Provider at the [email protected] email address.

If the completed and verified distance is shorter than the selected distance, the result will not appear in the result list. If the completed and verified distance is longer than the selected distance, the Customer must specify the completion time of the full run, not the part-time corresponding to the selected distance. If the Customer is running longer than the selected distance, the workout should be recorded in two sections or the sports watch/application should be stopped for the duration of making a photo.

When using a GPS device to record the running, the Customer needs to make sure the satellite connection is active at both the start and during the running.

There is no separate category for participants in a wheelchair or handcycle during the race.

The distance is completed individually, and the Customer needs to take care of his/her own refreshment, therefore the Service Provider recommends that the Customer has enough liquid and energy supplement.

The Customer should always have a mobile phone on hand during running so that a call for help can be made in case of a problem.

This is not a regular event organized by the Service Provider, there is no health insurance, no medical supervision, the situations that arise during the run must be solved by the Customer alone.

It is NOT RECOMMENDED to listen to music or any other devices plugged into both ears that make the Customer unable to hear noises from outside.

For organizational reasons, the Service Provider reserves the right to limit the number of participants and close the registration at any time.

The Service Provider reserves the right to change the date of the event.

5.       Virtual Running Epidemiological Information

During the state of emergency, the Customer should observe the current and relevant government regulations regarding outdoor exercises, keeping the distance, and wearing protective equipment.The Customer should complete the selected distance individually.

These Terms and Conditions are effective from 2020. 08.28